A little bit about myself



Hello fellow backpacker. Hello Nomad, Hello friend — old, new, or soon to be.  I would like to dedicate this blog to all those Wanderlusts out there who are hungry for adventure.


Once upon a time, there was a lad named Dimi. Dimi is a…wait, why am I writing about myself in 3rd person? Forget that, let’s rewind a little bit.


Dimi in a nutshell:

Originally, I come from the country of the endless blue sea, Greece and specifically from Athens though I like to call the world my home. I remember when I was a kid around 6 and I was looking through my dad's encyclopedias about all those beautiful and diverse tribes around the world. I was daydreaming thinking of how great it would be to visit them one day. My first trip was in Venice and since then I got the Travel Flu. This virus that makes you go out explore, meet new people and exchange culture and stories. Here I am 20 years after living my dream, trying to get as much as possible out of this world.


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