A little bit about myself



I am a professional dancer and photographer with a passion for travelling and new experiences. I was born in Austria and my first time in a different continent was when I was 12 to Tunisia. I was fascinated by the different culture, the colors and the smells of the Bazaar. This was what triggered my exploration switch to turn on and I promised myself to try to see more when I would grow up. Since graduating high school I've been in and out of Austria travelling Around Europe and the USA.

This is where Dimi's and my path crossed and since then we've been on and off the road making the most out of travelling.


Fun facts about me

  • I speak German and English fluently and doing my best with Greek (seriously this is harder than climbing Mt. Everest haha).
  • My middle name is Elisabeth
  • My next destination on the ''Must-Visit List'' would be Australia. Kinda like Austria but with Kangaroos and no bratwursts!
  • I hate jogging but I love the energy right after!