I always listen on the same phrase again and again and again... ''I wish I could travel''. I agree. Travelling can be very intimidating and seem hard at the first glimpse. It can be very self-filling and rewarding as well though and this is what many people tend to overlook. The benefits you get out of it which can be used as tools to many aspects of your life.

Our Majesties are not professional backpackers, we are just people who love travelling and want to share their experiences, tips and mistakes with the rest of the people.


Through this blog we want to reveal the beauties and the well kept secrets of traveling. Our goal is to motivate people to get up from their couch and go and explore the world. There’s so much to experience beyond our borders and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people consider traveling a luxury. It doesn't have to be this way. There is are a few conditions for traveling to be cheap. Be flexible, think smart and never lose your smile. 

It is amazing how many things you can experience with just one passport. From swimming next to the Dolphins in the Greek sea to riding a camel in a desert in Morocco and from experiencing the old American lifestyle with Amish to eating Schnitzel in the size of a boot in Austria and many many more.


Actually, I remember there was that one time......... but that's a story for another blog spot........



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